Send Traffic 4G With Route-by-hand Treasures

- Apr 25, 2016 -

First, power on the Internet

Due to the hand by supported by multi-multi-frequency, so the phone does not change the number of users you can enjoy high-speed network 4G maximum download speeds of up to 150Mbps. Even outdoors, or momentary a high-resolution map, easy one HD video smoothly after playing an online game, fun video chat with your friends!

Second, touch screens, APP-free operation

3.5-inch touch screen, the hand youbao and its he biggest difference between routing. Through the screen, WiFi hot spot is done with user name and password to modify also the opponent by Bao residual flow, battery power, intuitive access equipment, internal storage data management, best meets the user's habits, but also for Bao content provides convenient storage and sharing actions.

Sharing three or 0 flow content

Hand treasures that users really say goodbye to, and bring Internet access card, wireless USB drive brings a lot of inconvenience. Its native wireless USB functionality, can not only help users cell phone capacity, can also help users more quickly to finish the video, pictures, zero traffic share.

Meanwhile, the hand by treasures stored within files, pictures, videos can be shared keys, zero flux shared by Bao WiFi hotspot device, people kill each other for Bluetooth, and across the Android/Apple/PC three platforms, without system restrictions, only the browser will be able to complete the file upload or download.

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