Tell You How To Use Wireless Ap

- Aug 02, 2018 -

First set up the wireless network node, which is the wireless AP. A wireless AP is a wireless signal that converts a wired network signal into a high frequency. It not only transmits a wireless signal, but also receives a wireless signal, which is the center of the entire network. Since it is the core of the entire wireless network, its location is important, it determines the signal strength of your wireless network (distance of transmission distance, less than 200 meters) and transmission rate (Internet speed). Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose a location that covers all corners of the house and place a wireless AP. The IP address of the wireless AP, the IP address of the general wireless AP is (some is, and the subnet mask is At the beginning of your operating system - attachment - communication - network connection, right click on the wireless network, select properties, in the network properties, set the IP address of the notebook's wireless network card to (if the address of the wireless AP is, then set to, the subnet mask is set to, so the wireless network card and wireless AP are in a network area (network segment). Turn on the wireless AP's power, and the notebook's wireless network card will automatically search for the wireless AP.

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