The Almighty King Of The Router!

- Apr 25, 2016-

On April 22, 2016, today in the 21st century, without food or water, but no network is totally unacceptable. Although somewhat exaggerated, but very real, someone may one day not to eat or drink, but do not involve no network, so the router almost every household must-have products.

However, common router not only look ugly, its also very silent. There are rows of small lights on the router, it will Flash at work, it is said that bright lights to the more, better signal, I do not agree. There is, by conventional router, you cannot directly get information such as speed, what devices are already attached. These questions can help you solve this smart router.

It is called Starry Station intelligent router, exterior, triangular design, a bit like a sandwich, and very clean and tidy without an antenna. In the front, there is a pill-shaped touch-screen used to view information such as the Internet, and to carry out the appropriate settings.

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