The Core Concept Of Wireless AP Technology

- Sep 04, 2018 -

Wireless AP communication technologies do not have a globally uniform standard. For example, the mainstream standards of 3G include North American-led cdma2000, European WCDMA, and China-developed mSCDMA. There are distinct geographical features between mobile communication technologies. The phenomenon of coexistence of heterogeneous mobile communication technologies should be promoted to some extent to promote the development of mobile communications, which brings benefits such as shortened technology development cycle and accelerated commercialization process, and meets the needs of users to a certain extent. Increasing demand for business volume and quality. But its drawbacks are also obvious.

The core concept of software radio technology is to use the hardware system as the platform of the entire communication system, and to implement as many wireless and personal communication functions as possible in software. The software-implemented communication function uses a modular design approach to complete the reconfigurability of the terminal through the use of various convertible, replaceable, customizable, and reusable componentized modules.

Software radio early was a software technology that controlled the air interface part of wireless devices. Its key technical issues were mainly on hardware, including multi-band antennas, wireless RF conversion, broadband converters, baseband processing functions and many other things. The decisive step is to move the A/D and D/A converters closer to the RF section, apply a wideband antenna or multi-band antenna, and perform A/D conversion on the entire IF band, while the subsequent processing is mainly programmable. Digital devices, especially software, are used to process them. It should be said that the research at this stage focuses on the hardware bottleneck problem in the terminal reconfiguration process.

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