The Difference Between Wireless Routers 4G And 5G

- Jun 30, 2018 -

The difference between wireless routers 4G and 5G

The continuous improvement of the speed of the Internet is conducive to everyone's work and study. No matter what kind of thing you do, you can do more with less.

When many users upgrade their broadband, they will usually not replace their existing wireless routers. According to a report from the ZDC Internet Consumer Research Center, as of January 2016, 65% of users are still using or planning to purchase 150G to 450M of 2.4G wireless. Routing, some users are still using three generations of 54M routers. These long-lived routers have one thing in common: They only work in the 2.4G band.

Now when we open our mobile phone to search Wi-Fi list at home or in the office, we often see that there are at least a dozen Wi-Fi hotspots around, and these are the interference sources of wireless signals, the 2.4G frequency band used by the older generation routing. The application is very extensive. Computers, mobile phones, smart appliances and even microwave ovens all work in the 2.4G band. Excessive use, coupled with a dense living environment, becomes even more serious. Therefore, although the 100M optical fiber broadband can achieve a download speed of more than 10M, but the old generation 2.4G Wi-Fi signal under heavy interference, the download speed will be affected.

Since the original road is too blocked, then repair a new road to solve the congestion problem, which is the main cause of the 5GHz band. There are not many devices working in the 5GHz band, and the 5GHz channel is several times more than 2.4GHz, so the congestion problem can be solved well.

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