Walls Embedded Wireless Ap Router Wireless WiFi USB Charging

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Basic Info

Model NO.:GU-UWF03W-B USB WIFI ap routerType:WiFi Bridge
Work Mode:APWiFi Antenna Type:Built-in
Transmission Rate:101-150MbpsVoltage:5V
Antenna Gain:18dBiColor:Black White Golden
Certification:ISO9001, CEWiFi Standard:IEEE 802.11g/N
Indicate Mode of Operation:Power ,WiFi ,Wan,LAN 1,LAN 2

With the increasing use of wireless WIFI , family, hotels and other places demand for wireless WIFI Internet access is increasingly common. Desktop wireless router, wireless AP products can achieve good results, but can not and families, the hotel renovation environmental integration is always exist as a separate entity . If the desktop product placement information box will introduce a wireless coverage problems, general family information access boxes are placed in more subtle and corner of the place , there is a strong wireless signal shielding effect , it is difficult to achieve good of coverage.
   For this situation. FD86 -based wireless router into the wall , which was installed in the wall mounting box 86 , to replace the existing network panel. Buried in the direct use of the original wall UTP network cable, without adding additional wiring. And because the wireless module placed directly in the user 's room , wireless coverage performance is greatly improved.
   Built-in high -gain antenna MIMO independent ( non- integrated onboard antenna ) , signal gain 6dbi, guaranteed transmission distance . Comply with IEEE802.11n standard power requirements, signal coverage green. Through centralized management software , enabling centralized management and control of multiple devices to facilitate large-scale application hotel or company .
  Home users suggested location of the installation in the middle of the living room of the house to facilitate uniform signal coverage , reducing the number of wall , pay attention to avoid the interference source , should be placed in a corner or off the floor too . After testing, six meters no problem wearing two wall .
Product Features:
Direct access to AC 110-240V,no need power adapter .
5V/1A USB-charging for most  of mobile phone and tablet Pcs.
Support the 3G/4G card access ,compatible with mainstream Internet dial-up and broadband .
Wireless network storage :support to read and share U-disk and USB mobile hard disk and online demand .
Wireless -routing :support for traditional wired broadband networks ADSL dial-up ,dynamic and static network access .
WiFi repeater:support WiFi repeater ,extend the  wi-fi signal range  .

Product Parameter  :
USB voltage: 5V/1A
IP address :
Port: WAN:1*10/100M RJ45

         LAN: 2*10/100M RJ45
         USB :1 type A host
Wireless transmission rate :150Mbps
Wireless network support frequency: 2.4G-2.484GHz
Network standards:  802.11g 802.11n
Internet access :4G Compatible with 3G NIC
Color: black ,white ,golden 

4G Broadband Router

3G WCDMA Modem, 3G M2M USB Serial modem

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