What Are The Wireless Router Self-test Methods?

- May 28, 2018 -

With the popularity of the Internet, wireless routers have become a necessity in our lives, and we believe that most people have used wireless networks. Although wireless networks are simple and easy to operate, we still encounter various problems during their use. For various problems, we will use the E-Lins Technology router as an example to introduce the self-test method of the wireless router.

1. If you cannot dial normally, the solution is: open the browser and enter the management address of the router in the address bar. For example, the management address of the Zhibotong router is, enter the user name and password, login the setup interface, and select “Network”. Under "Parameters" under "WAN port setup options", in the right window, select "PPPOE" in "WAN port connection type", then enter the Internet account and Internet password, and finally click "Connect".


2. If the QQ-like program can run normally, but the webpage does not open, encounter such problems, it is recommended to manually set the DNS server address on the wireless router and computer network, first open the router settings interface, find the "network parameters" In the "WAN port parameters", and then manually set the DNS server address.


3. If the router is not faulty, the "PWR or POWER" LED of the ADSL should be normally on. If the power supply is properly connected, the light is off and it indicates that the wireless router or the AC power adapter of the router is faulty. In this case, you need to repair it.

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