What Do You Know About 5G Technology?

- May 26, 2018 -

What do you know about 5G technology?

The concept of 5G network is not a day or two, but we know very little about 5G technology. Below, E-Lins Technology's professional wireless router manufacturers give everyone a chance to popularize 5G technology.

The 1.5G network brings more than just speed improvements

Referring to 5G, it may be the most intuitive experience for everyone to improve the speed of the network. However, in addition to the increase in network speed, 5G will also increase its network capacity, and 5G networks can carry more devices.


2. wifi technology is temporarily no big progress

In the coming years, there will be great progress in 5G technology, and it is regrettable that there has been no major progress in wifi technology. 5G technology and wifi technology coexist with each other. When developing 5G technologies, we must not ignore the development of wifi technology.


3. Preliminary experiments on 5G are in progress

Everyone seems to have predicted that the future will be the world of 5G. Many companies have joined the testing 5G network. In addition to Ericsson, Fujitsu, Nokia and Samsung, these old telecommunications equipment vendors, there are many technology companies that are eyeing future 5G technology. Business opportunities.

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