What Factors Affect The Quality Of Industrial Grade 4G Routers?

- Oct 29, 2018 -

Industrial-grade 4G routers are faster to access high-speed Internet than ordinary home routers, and are faster and safer in the transmission of data. Currently, industrial grades are commonly used in high-end fields such as finance and medical. 4G routers, advanced industrial-grade 4G routers can achieve the functions that ordinary routers can't achieve thanks to their own excellent quality, then the quality of industrial-grade 4G routers is determined by which factors, the following from the router hardware The basics, software applications, and the ability to receive signals are described in three ways.

1, hardware foundation

The hardware of industrial grade 4G router is the core foundation of the whole machine. Its internal components are all made up of industrial grade components. Whether it is the main control chip, PCB board or outer casing, it has reached the level of industrial application. Responding to a variety of complex and harsh environments without damage to completion, the powerful hardware structure makes its overall performance better than ordinary routers.

2, software application

If the component is the building foundation of an industrial-grade 4G router, the software is the way the interior of the building works. As a well-known industrial-grade 4G router, its internal software is not comparable to ordinary routers. It uses software that can run efficiently with simple code. The memory of the processor is relatively small, making it efficient and efficient. Transfer and process data.

3, the ability to receive signals

Industrial-grade 4G routers connect to the network in dial-up mode to receive signals stably. In addition, its wireless data connection supports 802.11b/g/n, and also supports WIFI AP, AP Client, repeater, relay bridge and WDS. These conditions have greatly improved the ability to receive signals.

The above three points are the factors that determine the quality of industrial-grade 4G routers. First, the internal hardware of the router determines the scope of its application. Secondly, the high-speed operation of the internal software makes the router directly and effectively improve the data transmission and processing efficiency. Both wired and wireless networking signals outperform ordinary routers, enabling it to transfer big data faster.

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