What Is The Significance Of The Power Wireless Private Network For Enterprises?

- Nov 30, 2018-

In the past two years, China's relevant departments have been striving to build a power wireless private network. The prospect of the power wireless private network is good. From a macro perspective, it is a micro-change of the power grid system, and also changes the status quo of network communication to a certain extent, so that operators The situation of monopoly has been fine-tuned. What is a power wireless private network? In short, the power station builds a base station, which can be compared to a mobile communication network, but the power wireless private network is to build a proprietary network belonging to a personal enterprise. What is the significance?

1. The private network is more controllable

According to the current enterprise network model, although operators have opened up a green channel for the use of large enterprises, and the cost has been gradually reduced in recent years, due to the multi-department requirements of the national power and communication departments, more to benefit the enterprise. However, for enterprises, "affordable" is not equivalent to "controllable". According to market big data surveys, most companies want to make network control more powerful by increasing the cost of using the network. The power wireless private network is born out of the needs of enterprises. It can enable enterprises to freely control the network. The so-called high-quality power wireless private network can realize enterprise network franchise.

2, to prevent privacy leaks

Although the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries have repeatedly emphasized personal information security and corporate information security in recent years, and gradually improved in national policies and laws, such as the personal information security law, this fully demonstrates the state's laws and regulations. Committed to promoting the construction of personal information and corporate information security, and the power wireless private network can protect the privacy and security of enterprises and prevent privacy leakage. The proprietary network does not sell or display corporate information to third parties, nor does it require the intervention and transmission of other third parties, so the power wireless private network is more secure.

In addition, Xiao Bian detailed calculation of the price of the power wireless private network, it is more economical than the current fiber price, so from the long-term development perspective, the formation of power wireless private network is the future development direction of the enterprise, with the country vigorously promote power The construction of the wireless private network will serve the enterprise better in the next few years and will gradually grow and develop in China.

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