Wireless AP And The Distinction Between The Router

- Aug 31, 2017-

Many friends in the purchase of wireless products, often hear the wireless router and wireless AP, that the two products are engaged in WiFi coverage, the purpose of achieving almost the same. But why the name to be divided into two very different terms, in fact, there are still many differences between the two.

Routers believe that we are very familiar with the home wireless coverage will basically be used, look like are similar, I believe we see more blame. But some high with the router, the antenna is very much, looks a bit like a spider and octopus. We are common is the 2-4 antenna.

Wireless AP shape is relatively rich, generally according to the needs of different scenarios to design a different look. More common to have a ceiling AP, into the wall AP, outdoor AP ....... from the name probably know that the shape of these AP is based on the application to divide:

Product form roughly distinguish between clear, then the application of what is the difference between the two?

Wireless AP in the commercial aspects of more, apply to the class of WiFi coverage, of course, the family can be used. AP can be divided into fat AP and fit AP, is usually said fat AP and thin AP, the use of fat AP mode, the AP and the role of a router at this time, the general large-scale network coverage projects are using thin AP mode.

Router, home and business will be used.

Look at the following connection diagram, you will find the router and AP in the WiFi coverage process in which the location is not the same. In the figure below, the red arrows refer to the router and the AP, the engineering network is needed from the network - router / core gateway - switch - AP mode, visible wireless AP in the commercial application is out of the router down Class.

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