Wireless AP Application Areas

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Wireless access point is a wireless network access point, commonly known as "hot". There are mainly routing and switching access devices and pure access point equipment, one device to perform access and routing work, pure access equipment is only responsible for wireless client access, pure access equipment is usually used as a wireless network expansion, and other AP Or the main AP connection to expand the wireless coverage, while the integrated device is generally the core of the wireless network.

Principle: Wireless AP is a wireless network (mobile devices and other wireless devices such as mobile phones and other wireless devices) users access to the wired network access point, mainly for broadband home, building interior, campus interior, interior and warehouses, factories and other wireless Monitoring of the place, the typical distance covered tens of meters to 100 meters, there can be used for long-distance transmission, the farthest can reach 30KM or so, the main technology for the IEEE802.11 series. Most wireless APs also have an access point client mode (AP client) that can be wirelessly connected to other APs to extend the coverage of the network.


The general wireless AP, its role has two:

1, as the wireless LAN center for other computers with a wireless card through which access to the wireless LAN;

2, through the wired local area network to provide long-distance wireless connection, or small wireless local area network to provide long-distance wired connection, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the scope of the network.

Wireless AP can also be used for small wireless LAN connection to achieve the purpose of expansion. When the wireless network user is enough, a wireless AP should be connected to the wired network to connect the wireless network to the wired network backbone. AP in the wireless workstations and cable between the backbone of the role of the bridge, to achieve a seamless wireless and wired integration. APs allow wireless workstations to access network resources while adding available resources to wired networks.

Application areas

A typical enterprise application, including the addition of several wireless access points to the wired network, and then provide wireless access to the office area network. The management of the wireless access point is handled by the wireless LAN controller to automatically adjust the RF power, channel, authentication and security. In addition, the controller can be combined into a wireless mobile group, allowing roaming across the controller. The controller can be part of a liquidity domain that allows customers to access the entire large or regional office location. This saves customers time and management overhead because it can be automatically reassociated or revalidated.

In addition, multiple controllers and all hundreds of access points connected to these controllers can be managed through a software called the Cisco Wireless Control System. This software can handle the same functionality as a controller and also increase the user's mapping or RFID site bonus function to upload the map to enhance the controller and access point firmware, and rogue detection / processing.

In this case, the wireless access point's function is to access the wired network as a customer's wireless gateway. Ginza Hotel is located in Houjie Town, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The hotel is an exquisite business hotel built in high standard. The hotel is elegant and luxuriously decorated. The hotel uses a home wireless route to do, the signal can say a basic coverage, but the practical six months, the wireless is almost impossible to use, of course, can not use, wireless router only for the family, small companies, but the hotel simply can not meet, With the frequency of interference, the entire wireless network in a state of paralysis, the formation of a local area network, not what technology, but absolutely need professional.

A typical enterprise application is to install several wireless access points on a wired network to provide wireless access to the office LAN. In the wireless access point within the receiving range, the wireless client both the benefits of mobility, but also fully connected with the network. In this case, the wireless access point becomes an interface for the user to access the wired network. Another use is not to use the cable connection: for example, the manufacturer uses a wireless network connection between the office and the warehouse between the network connection

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