Wireless Modems Function

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Now a lot of network equipment design are almost a look, are a box, Wireless Modems looks like, a lot of people who learn communication is not very clear, but also for these network hardware (such as routers, switches, Modem) often Also explained is very complex and difficult to understand, Wireless Modems here try to use a slightly simpler way to explain the function of each network hardware.

Here is the network hardware is Modem (that is, Wireless Modems the modem, commonly known as cat), such as ZTE ZXV10 H108L ADSL broadband cat. Wireless Modems Cats generally do not have to buy their own, mostly for the network service provider (China Telecom, Railcom ...), it can translate the computer's digital signal can be transmitted along the ordinary telephone line analog signal, and then analog signals connected to the Internet through the ISP The

By the way Tucao look, now a lot of Modem has a routing function, allowing multiple computers at the same time the Internet, but the routing function is finally the operator to the closure, the telecommunications anxious you a computer a cat. There is a policy, under the countermeasures, crack the telecommunications cat, Wireless Modems to achieve the function of the route has long been online everywhere, if you will not crack, buy a (wireless) router can achieve multiple computers at the same time the Internet.

Pure router for different network connectivity; pure switch function refers to the same network under the interoperability of multiple devices function. Wireless Modems In other words, the switch creates a network where the routers connect to each network. Now many home network equipment are both a number of network equipment functions, Wireless Modems such as the figure in the router, in fact, it has both a router function and the function of the switch, it is the routing function is the internal LAN and external Internet network, and it As well as the function of the switch, you can connect multiple devices in the network.

For example, TP-LINK TL-WR541G + 54M wireless router, with four 10 / 100M LAN interface, the wireless network rate of up to 54Mb / s. In other words, Wireless Modems this router can connect up to four devices, then if there are more equipment how to do it?

As mentioned earlier, now the general home router has four LAN interface, Wireless Modems more than four devices to be connected to the network, then we need to use the switch. The switch can connect the connected devices into a small local area network, and then through the router to the external network.

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