Wireless Modems More And More Complex

- May 26, 2017 -

Wireless Modems Now the internal structure of mobile phones is becoming more and more complex, and the number of chips included is not much worse than that of desktop computers. But many mobile phone users in the meeting phone drop line, bad signal, network upload download slow and so on, the first time still think of the problem to the operator.

You think the base station that the operator is hard to set up should be responsible for the bad signal, but don't know that your own mobile phone is one of the root causes of the problem. We should know more about the smartphone we have with us day and night.

The existence of the base station determines whether the mobile phone can be connected properly, and the base station itself is differentiated according to the type of transmitter signal. At present, the rapid popularization of the 4G network is provided by the 4G base station, Wireless Modems so there is no 4G base station, we can only use slower, but the base station network more perfect 3G or even 2G network.

Since different base stations can launch dissimilar signals, how can our mobile phone identify what kind of signal should be connected to the network, and how do we send short messages to our friends and family to the base station?

This is the task of a special chip on our phone--the modem. We use mobile phone calls, Internet, texting and so on network behavior, it is handled by its implementation, the modem will be in the mobile phone and wireless network between the establishment of a logical channel, Wireless Modems the transmission of networking data, adjust the mode of communication.

Unlike the common "Wi-Fi cats" in our home, the modem in the mobile processor has a richer function. Our mobile phone can connect what kind of network, can link what frequency band, whether has the outstanding anti-interference ability, the data uploads the speed to have how fast, Wireless Modems all depends on the modem's performance. For example, if you are a telecoms user, the experience of buying a mobile phone to focus on a telecoms version may make you want to switch to the operator immediately. In support of the entire Netcom's modem integration in the new SOC (systems on chip chip system), telecommunications users can also mobile, Wireless Modems unicom users with the same smartphone, after all, "Netcom" This feature has become a new generation of mobile phones standard.

To sum up, the role of the carrier base station is to ensure that all of us can receive different signals, through mobile network phone, internet, but here, the clarity of the phone, stability, the speed of the network, and what specifications of the Wi-Fi, most of the function depends on a good mobile modem.

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