Wireless Modems The Scope Of Use

- Aug 04, 2017 -

As the standard organization has not yet developed the relevant standards, Wireless Modems 5G is still a somewhat vague concept, it is widely considered to rely on millimeter-wave technology to provide Gigabit level of speed. Millisecond technology reduces latency and expands system data transmission capacity due to the transmission of data at higher frequencies (30 GHz - 300 GHz). Wireless Modems It also offers the possibility to reduce the size of the antenna and to integrate a more powerful multi-band antenna in a single device.

In general, the 5G Internet connection speed is several orders of magnitude of standard LTE. Of course, millimeter-wave technology there are major technical challenges need to be addressed, Wireless Modems which is mainly transmitted distance is not far enough, Wireless Modems can not penetrate a large number of surface materials, including glass. Apple seems determined to test this technology for use in future products.

"Apple intends to transmit signals from two fixed locations in the facilities in Kubitino and Mönda, and the signal transmission will be consistent with the parameters and equipment in the Form 442 document, Wireless Modems including the use of E, H-plane halves," the application said. The width of the beam is 20 degrees and the angle is 20-25 degrees.

Apple will only be responsible for testing the hardware part - probably related to the production of new iPhone. In view of the legal war with Qualcomm, Wireless Modems Apple may also consider replacing a different smartphone modem supplier. Before smartphone adoption of 5G technology, telecom operators, chip makers and standards organizations need to do a lot of work in the network infrastructure, which may take two or three years.

Wired cat is the general MODEM, is shared by the phone out. Wireless Modems Wireless cat, then there are two, one is directly with a wireless card, that is, the use of mobile, Unicom signal; a telecommunications wireless MODEM, is generally the case

Wired cat is the general MODEM, is shared by the phone out.

Wireless cat, then there are two, one is directly with the wireless card, is the use of mobile, Unicom signal; a telecommunications wireless MODEM, the current telecommunications wireless MODEM is mainly through the wired telephone access wireless MODEM, and then use on the computer Wireless card, Wireless Modems the use of this wireless MODEM is generally about 20M, mainly in the home anywhere in the Internet.

Proposed the use of existing analog communication equipment to achieve data transmission networking program. According to the design requirements of the wireless modem in the network scheme, Wireless Modems the principle and characteristics of the GMSK digital modulation and demodulation are analyzed. The overall design scheme of the wireless modem is given, and the corresponding hardware circuit and the design flow of the system software are introduced in detail. Gaussian minimum frequency shift keying (GMSK) modulation, Wireless Modems theoretical research has been more mature. It has better power spectrum characteristics and better bit error rate performance, its biggest advantage is the small external radiation, power spectrum sidelobe decay fast, Wireless Modems small interference on the adjacent frequency, suitable for work in the VHF / UHF band Mobile communication system.

Data transmission in the wireless channel, susceptible to multipath, fading, interference, noise and other conditions, the study of wireless channel transmission reliability of a variety of methods, Wireless Modems the conventional method is based on white noise environment as the main research methods, such as channel coding, Modulation and demodulation technology

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