Wireless Modems Use Range

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Wireless cat, then there are two, one is directly with the wireless card, is the use of mobile, Unicom signal; a telecommunications wireless MODEM, Wireless Modems the current telecommunications wireless MODEM is mainly through the wired telephone access wireless MODEM, and then use on the computer Wireless card, the use of this wireless MODEM is generally about 20M, mainly in the home anywhere in the Internet.

If it is a laptop computer, there is a fixed Internet location with a wired MODEM is enough. Only in the home, but also want to say can be used in any room, although occasionally with the computer to go out, but also there will be a wireless signal, with the telecommunications wireless MODEM is enough (in the home network, Someone else's network). If you want anytime, anywhere can access the Internet, then use mobile, Wireless Modems China Unicom's wireless Internet access.

It should be noted that, in the CMX469A receive operation and receive the FSK signal, the carrier detection circuit at least 8bit data cycle to achieve a stable state, Wireless Modems and in its carrier detection CARRIER DETECT pin has a stable high power Flat output. Therefore, when the CMX469A is used in the data burst transmission system, if only the status of its carrier detection pin is used to determine whether data is received, it will cause data loss.

Through the above design and discussion can be seen, based on MSM7512B digital transmission MODEM design is more simple and easier to achieve. However, Wireless Modems due to the MSM7512B chip transfer rate and duplex mode of the restrictions, it can only be applied to the transmission rate of 1200bps half-duplex digital transmission domain. CMX469A based on the digital transmission MODEM control is relatively complex, Wireless Modems but its maximum transmission rate of up to 4800bps, and full-duplex work.

This means that the owner can use more applications and services, Wireless Modems and their vehicles can also communicate wirelessly with other vehicles via a communication technology called intersite interconnect (V2V), which will help avoid potential traffic accidents And road congestion.

Compared to the CPU, GPU, etc., Wireless Modems most consumers do not know much about the mobile phone modem and the threshold is high. However, with the development of 4G, the importance of the modem for smart phones more and more apparent, consumers will gradually increase its attention. Qualcomm on the one hand, the use of consumers in the minds of the brand has a strong impact on the Xiaolong brand, Wireless Modems to consolidate the leading position of the modem; Wireless Modems the other hand, also simplifies the consumer's evaluation of the modem, just from the digital size can determine its Ability to connect.

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