Wireless Routers Analysis

- Jul 05, 2017 -

The most common way to attack a wireless router is to steal a wireless password. Wireless Routers The wireless encryption method of common wireless router is WEP and WPA / WP2. Wireless Routers It adopts different attack methods through the encryption method of wireless route configuration, and then uses some special skills to You can easily get the wireless router's wireless password.

If your home router's wireless encryption method is configured for WEP encryption, Wireless Routers then you have to immediately modify, Wireless Routers because the WEP encryption system defects, rub network users can collect enough handshake packets (that is, Wireless Routers the computer and wireless router connection authentication process In the data packet), the use of analytic algorithm to restore the password. Wireless Routers The success rate of this type of encryption is nearly 100%. The more common attack is the use of MIDIWEP on the surrounding wireless signal sniffing, when crawling enough to IVS can automatically solve the wireless password

Wireless router another encryption method for the WPA / WPA2 encryption, compared to WEP encryption, temporarily unable to find from some public methods to directly crack WPA / WPA2 password method, Wireless Routers can only capture the handshake package, and then shake the handbag Violent crack, but combined with some skills and ordinary user password strategy is relatively weak, the probability of success is relatively high. The same time as the above-

WPS is a certified project implemented by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which focuses on simplifying the installation and security of wireless LAN installations. On WLSWPS (QSS or AOSS) wireless router, Wireless Routers users do not need to enter a wireless password, just enter the PIN code or press the button (PBC), you can safely connect to the WLAN. But the use of PIN code to connect the wireless router this process can be violent crack, first of all we talk about the composition of the PIN code, WPS PIN code is an 8-bit pure number, the first eight is a checksum (checksum ), According to the first seven digits, and in the PIN verification, Wireless Routers the first four digits of the PIN code and the next three digits of the PIN code are separately verified, so that the process of violating the PIN code requires only 11,000 (10 ^ 4 + 10 ^ 3) can solve the PIN code, and then through the PIN to connect the router to capture the wireless password. The same time as the above-

Violation of the PIN code used in the tool for the reaver or inflator (graphical reaver), the tool can scan the surrounding wireless network, and will open the WPS function of the wireless signal marked out, after selecting the target of violent crack, call Reaver command line to crack, if the router performance is good and the signal is better, crack rate of 2 seconds / pin ~ ~ 4 seconds / pin, so you can figure out the maximum time to break the wireless password cost 9.17hour (3 * 11000/60 / 60), a little bit of the router in the crack process will crash, Wireless Routers then we have to wait for some time, until the router is stable and then crack

But after practice found that most of the routers will be in about 60 seconds after the release, then only need to reaver command inside add-l 3 parameters, Wireless Routers -l parameter is reaver interval has been limited to try the PIN of the router again Try to crack, the command defaults to 300, Wireless Routers by setting to 3, probably detect about 20 points after the start will start a new crack, try 10 times the PIN again after waiting for about a minute, so back and forth. So in some of these types of PIN protection on the router,

Similar to some of the WIFI auxiliary class mobile phone APP is also a way to disclose the wireless password. For example, the default configuration of some APP is to share the wireless password in the phone, so all the wireless passwords on the phone will be shared by default, Wireless Routers including the home wireless router or a friend's wireless router, so if you or connect you WIFI friend mobile phone installed such APP, is likely to cause the home wireless password leak, the author installs such APP often try to search around the wireless signal password, Wireless Routers often have a harvest. The same time as the above-

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