Wireless Routers Enhanced Signal

- Jul 14, 2017 -

A device can access the Internet must first get a valid IP address (by IP address, Wireless Routers subnet mask and DNS server). Generally, the primary route DHCP server is enabled by default, Wireless Routers so the devices connected to the primary route can be assigned a valid IP address through the primary routing DHCP server to access the Internet.

If the DHCP server with the secondary route is closed, Wireless Routers the device connected to the secondary route will not be able to assign the IP address through the secondary route to the DHCP server and can not access the Internet.

Even if the IP address of the secondary route default DHCP server is only applicable to the Internet via the secondary route, the IP address can not access the WAN through the primary route, that is, Wireless Routers the invalid IP address.

As the main route is equivalent to a server, Wireless Routers then the gateway is its own LAN port IP address, so the secondary routing DHCP gateway should meet the main routing LAN port IP address.

Followed by the DNS server, Wireless Routers the main route to the Internet there is a condition is a valid DNS server address, usually through the WAN port or dynamic IP can get two DNS server address, Wireless Routers one is the primary DNS server, the other is a backup DNS server The

Then we need to set the DNS server address for the secondary DHCP server, Wireless Routers so that the IP address assigned by the secondary route DHCP server can be accessed through the WAN route of the primary route, that is, by the secondary route DHCP server The IP address is valid, so that can not solve the problem from the secondary routing Internet.

Now the wireless router has been popular, Wireless Routers is not living in the building always feel the wireless router signal is not good, how to change the router without the case of enhanced signal, the use of small objects in life can be done, the following and share how to enhance the signal

The first step: prepare an empty cans, ready to scissors, the following began to produce

The second step: with scissors to pull the bottom of the mouth to cut a mouth, try to cut some of the Qi

The third step: the whole bottom of the cans to cut down, Wireless Routers pay attention to not pull the hand, cut down after the cross section will have a lot of glitches cut with scissors can be

Step 4: Cut the direction of the mouth with a scissors

Step five: look at the following chart cut the mouth of the mouth cut in two directions, cut to open it can be

Step 6: cut as soon as possible after the cans to open the larger the greater the signal to enlarge the better

Step 7: put it in the wireless router on the signal line can be, and in which direction you play the direction of the direction of which direction, generally can enhance one or two signals

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