Wireless Routers More And More Common

- Aug 04, 2017 -

How to set up a wireless router wifi, Wireless Routers which is a lot of children's shoes puzzled things. Now more and more wireless devices, especially everyone's smart phones, Tablet PC, already have a WIFI function, how to set up a wireless router wifi, for their own mobile phone to provide wireless networks, the following is a more common TP Link wireless router Example to share with you how to set up a wireless router.

After the router is connected, Wireless Routers open the IE browser, enter in the address bar to enter the wireless router settings interface.

Login settings parameter, default record user name and password is admin

Select the interface for the setup wizard

: Click the settings wizard will pop up a window after the instructions show that through the wizard can set the basic parameters of the router, click Next.

If you do not know how to choose, you can directly select the first automatic selection can be convenient for novice operation, select the direct click next step.

Enter your Internet account and password, easy to enter the Internet account error, Wireless Routers not to try a few more, after the input directly click on the next step.

Set up to complete the restart the wireless router, Wireless Routers enter the wireless settings below, set the name of the SSID, this one defaults to the router model, this is only in the search when the device name, can be changed to their favorite name, easy to use their own search. Wireless Routers Other settings options can use the system default settings, no need to change, but in the network security settings must set a password to prevent the rub network. Set up to complete the next step.

Here, your wireless router settings have been completed. Then restart the router can connect to the wireless Internet.

The next step is to open your wireless device, Wireless Routers search WIFI signal can be connected directly to the wireless Internet.

See the transfer rate. At present, the speed of the wireless router is mainly 150M, 300M, 450M, 600M, 750M and gigabit. The higher the value, the higher the transfer rate, Wireless Routers the more expensive the price. Among them, 300M of the product price in the hundred or so, 450M in the 200-400 yuan, the general family with 300M is enough. This is because, first of all, the highest rate of broadband home is only up to 100M, the router rate and then high, Wireless Routers the Internet rate will not exceed the rate of broadband; Second, Wireless Routers the phone or tablet by its own hardware, wireless transmission rate 54M, the maximum is not more than 150M, the router has a high rate of no significance.

In order to cover the wireless signal to every corner of the home, in addition to choose the right product, the wireless router placement is also very important. Wireless Routers There is a big principle is that close to the main use of the region, try to place the center.

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