Wireless Routers Multi-function Service

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Wireless router is like a simple wireless AP and expandable products incorporated in the broadband router, it not only has simple wireless AP all functions such as DHCP client support, support the VPN, firewall, support WEP encryption and so on, but also including the function of network address translation (NAT), can support the LAN users to share the network connection. It can realize Internet connection sharing in home wireless network, and realize wireless sharing access of ADSL, Cable modem and community broadband. The wireless router can be connected directly to all Ethernet ADSL MODEM or CABLE MODEM, and can also be accessed via a switch/hub, broadband router, etc. Its built-in have simple virtual dial-up software, can store a user name and password dial-up, and can be implemented as the ADSL dial-up Internet access, CM provides automatic dialing function, without the need for manual dialing or take up a computer to do the server use. In addition, wireless routers generally have relatively complete security features.

3G routers are mainly embedded in wireless 3G modules. First, the user USES a card (USIM card) to plug in the 3G router, and through the operator 3G network WCDMA, td-scdma and other dial-up networking, the data transmission, the Internet and so on can be realized. Routers have wi-fi sharing on the Internet, as long as there is wireless network card or mobile phone, computer, PSP with WIFI function can through the 3 g wireless router connected to the Internet, for the realization of the wireless LAN to share 3 g wireless networks provides a great convenience. Some manufacturers also have a wired broadband interface that can connect to the Internet without 3G. Through the 3G wireless router, the broadband connection can be realized or exceed the network bandwidth of the current ADSL, and become very extensive in the Internet and other applications.


Intelligent management

Double WAM3.75 Gwireless -n broadband Wireless router, let you under the WIFI security guarantees, anytime, anywhere to enjoy high speed network life, never drops, intelligent management is equipped with the latest technology, 3 g and Wireless - N can free enjoy a secure network connection, both in the conference, exhibition, outdoor venue, factories, home. With the USB2.0 interface, the hardware lets your desktop and laptop enjoy wired or wireless networking. Easily download images, clear video, run multimedia software, watch movies or share files with your clients, team members, friends, or family members. This router can even be used as a printer server, Webcam, or FTP server to implement network sharing of hardware.

Forever online connection

Using a wireless router, you can connect a 3G/HSDPAUSBmodem to its built-in USB port, which allows you to connect to more than 3.5 G/HSDPA, 3.75G/HSUPA,HSPA +, UMTS, GDGE, GPRS, or GSM network. Download speed up to 14.4 Mbps. JGR-N605 supports the EthernetWAN interface, which can be used as ADSL/Cable modem. When the wired network connection fails, the built-in fail-automatic transform function of jgr-n605 can quickly and smoothly connect to the 3G wireless network to ensure maximum connectivity and minimal interference. When the wired network recovers, it can also automatically reconnect to reduce or minimize connection costs. This feature is especially suitable for the office environment, because the network is constantly connected and is very important.

Multi-function service

Wireless router's USB port, it can serve as multi-function server to help you build a network of your own, when you go out, you can use your office printer, through Webcam monitor your house, share files with colleagues or friends, or even the FTP or BT file can be downloaded. Wireless routers with USB ports are rare, and one of them, VE982W, is a wireless router with a USB port.

Multi-function display tool

The unique 3G management center is a multi-function display tool that visually displays signals that allow users to make the most of their connections. Using upload speed, download speed you can monitor bandwidth. This tool can calculate the total amount of data used each month or the total amount of hours.

Gain antenna signal

In a wireless network, the antenna can achieve the purpose of enhancing the wireless signal, which can be understood as the amplifier of the wireless signal. The antennas have different radiation or reception capacities in different directions of space, and the antenna has full orientation and directional direction according to different direction.

Omnidirectional antenna: in the horizontal plane, radiation and the antenna receiving no maximum direction are called omnidirectional antennas. The omnidirectional antenna is not directional, so multi-point communication is more at the center stage. For example, if you want to build a wireless connection between two adjacent buildings, you can choose these antennas.

Directional antenna: the antenna with one or more radiation and receiving capacity is called a directional antenna. Directional antenna energy concentration, gain relative to the antenna is high, suitable for distance point-to-point communication, and because of its directivity, anti-interference ability is strong. For example, a community that needs to build a wireless connection across several buildings can select such an antenna.

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