Wireless Routers Multifunctional Service

- Oct 20, 2017-

A wireless router is a router for users to access the Internet with wireless coverage. The wireless router can be viewed as a repeater that forwards the broadband network signals from the home wall to nearby wireless network devices (laptops, wifi phones, tablets, and all devices with WIFI) via the antenna. Popular wireless router on the market generally support the line xdsl / cable, dynamic xdsl, pptp four access methods, it also has some other network management functions, such as dhcp service, nat firewall, mac address filtering, dynamic domain name and other functions.

Popular wireless routers on the market can only support 15-20 devices within the same time online use. The general wireless router signal range is 50 meters radius, and now there are some wireless router signal range reached a radius of 300 meters.

Wireless router is like a simple wireless AP and broadband router into one of the expansion of the product, it not only has a simple wireless AP all functions such as support for DHCP client, support VPN, firewall, support WEP encryption, etc., but also includes Network address translation (NAT) function, can support the LAN user network connection sharing. Can achieve the home wireless network Internet connection sharing, to achieve ADSL, Cable modem and residential broadband wireless access to access. Wireless router can be directly connected with all Ethernet ADSL MODEM or CABLE MODEM can also be used in the switch / hub, broadband router and other local area network access. Its built-in simple virtual dialing software, you can store user name and password dial-up Internet access, you can achieve dial-up access to the Internet ADSL, CM and other automatic dialing function, without manual dialing or take a computer to do the server. In addition, the wireless router generally also has a relatively better security protection.

3G router mainly in the original router embedded wireless 3G module. First of all, users use a fee card (USIM card) plug 3G router, through the operator 3G network WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and other dial-up networking, you can achieve data transmission, Internet and so on. Router has WIFI function to share the Internet, as long as the mobile phone, computer, psp wireless card or with wifi function can access the Internet through the 3G wireless router, wireless LAN to achieve sharing of 3G wireless network provides a great convenience. Some manufacturers also have a wired broadband interface, no 3G can also access the Internet. Through the 3G wireless router, you can achieve broadband connectivity, to meet or exceed the current ADSL network bandwidth, in the Internet and other applications become very wide.

Intelligent management equipment

Dual WAM3.75Gwireless-N broadband wireless router, let you in the WIFI security guarantee, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the speed even network life, never dropped, intelligent management equipped with the latest 3G and Wireless-N technology, free to enjoy worry-free Internet connection, whether in outdoor meetings, exhibitions, venues, factories, home. Through the USB2.0 interface, the hardware allows your desktop and notebook to enjoy wired or wireless network cable. Easily download pictures, high-definition video, run multimedia software, watch movies or share files with your customers, team members, friends or family. This router can even be used as a printer server, Webcam or FTP server to achieve hardware sharing.

Always connect online

Using a wireless router, you can connect a 3G / HSDPAUSBmodem to its built-in USB interface, which allows you to connect over 3.5G / HSDPA, 3.75G / HSUPA, HSPA +, UMTS, GDGE, GPRS networks, or GSM networks. Download rates up to 14.4Mbps. The JGR-N605 supports the EthernetWAN interface and can be used as an ADSL / Cable modem. When the wired network connection fails, through the JGR-N605 built-in fault automatic conversion function, you can quickly and smoothly connected to the 3G wireless network to ensure maximum connectivity and minimal interference. When the wired network is restored, it can also automatically re-connect, reduce or minimize connection costs. This feature is particularly suitable for office environment, because where the network is connected is very important.

Multifunctional service

Wireless router USB interface, it can be used as a multi-function server to help you build a network of your own, when you go out, you can use the office printer, through the Webcam to monitor your house, and colleagues or friends to share files, You can download FTP or BT files. The market with a USB interface, the wireless router is relatively rare, which, a flying fish star router VE982W is a USB interface with a wireless router.

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