Wireless Routers Pay Attention To Reading

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Wireless router is used in the user Internet, with wireless coverage of the router. The wireless router can be viewed as a repeater that forwards the broadband network signals from the home wall to the nearby wireless network devices (laptops, wifi phones, etc.).

Wireless router settings are generally: configure their own computer IP address and router IP address for the same network segment, such as: computer IP address:, Wireless Routers subnet mask:, and then enter the browser or, and then enter the user name and password to enter the router settings page, user name and password are generally: admin, Wireless Routers if you forget the password can reset the router, pay attention to read the router manual, if you do not know how to set up a wireless router

Perhaps everyone in the new purchase of the router, the encounter will not be installed, set, or set up after the Internet still can not use the situation. Wireless Routers In fact, the installation and installation of the router is still very simple, we have encountered such a problem, mostly in the operation process does not pay attention to detail caused. In response to this problem, the following is to show you a new purchase or restore the factory settings of the router, from installation to set up to achieve the four steps of the Internet.

At present, most home users choose to access the Internet there are three ways, namely the telephone line Internet, fiber and Internet access and Internet access (Internet access network: refers to the broadband operators directly to the user's home network , No phone cat or fiber cat). Wireless Routers Here we will focus on these three kinds of broadband access to do a detailed description. Users can install our router according to one of the ways described below according to their own broadband access.

1, telephone line Internet: to prepare two network cable, a network cable used to connect ADSL Modem (cat) and router WAN interface; another network cable used to connect any router LAN (1/2/3/4) Interface with the computer.

2, fiber optic Internet: to prepare two network cable, Wireless Routers a network cable used to connect the light cat and router WAN interface; Wireless Routers another network cable used to connect the router on any LAN (1/2/3/4) interface and computer.

3, the network cable home Internet: Prepare a network cable, Wireless Routers first broadband operators to provide the home network cable inserted in the router's WAN interface; then prepare their own network cable, one connected to the computer, the other end connected to any router on the LAN (1/2/3/4) interface.

Before setting up the router, Wireless Routers you need to first set the computer's IP address and DNS automatically obtained, as shown below; the general situation of the computer IP address and DNS default is automatically obtained, but for the sake of insurance, it is recommended that you check the settings;

(1), open the computer connected to the router, open the browser on the computer (such as IE browser, Wireless Routers 360 security browser, QQ browser, etc.), in the browser address bar enter the router login address (router login Address specific why, we can in the router on the back of the paper label to see, Wireless Routers here to as an example), and then press the Enter key

(2), in the pop-up login window, enter the login information (login information we can also be in the back of the router paper to see the label, Wireless Routers if given the default login user name or password, use the default information log; If not given login user name and password, this password generally need to create our own)

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