Wireless Routers Receive And Send

- Oct 23, 2017 -

WiFi has now become an indispensable item in people's lives, Wireless Routers home no network or speed is too slow, it is simply kind of suffering. Play games, shopping, watching TV and so on everything, have been inseparable from the WiFi, but a lot of time, we found that the WiFi signal is not good at home, even every bedroom can not receive the signal, really makes a headache, The following small series teach you a move, Wireless Routers so you can easily upgrade the speed, the toilet can also be connected to WiFi.

According to the number of access to the IP address to determine whether anyone rub network, if the home is only a wireless router, but the list shows that there are two hosts, it shows someone rub network. At this time, as long as the name of the wifi anonymous, or close the SSID broadcast, then manually add wifi, Wireless Routers from the phone automatically search the wifi list, is not anonymous wifi. So that others can not see wifi rub on the net friends.

If the wireless signal is placed in the wrong position, it is very easy to be disturbed by the signal, such as microwave ovens, wireless phones and other wireless devices, Wireless Routers may affect the efficiency of WiFi. So, do not put the router with them together, the best on the high, so the signal will not be disturbed, the speed will be faster.

After the design of the router for a long time, Wireless Routers the signal is easy to become worse and worse, so we have to use a small trick to clean the router. As long as the cotton swab with the right amount of alcohol, wipe the network cable socket, after cleaning can make the router signal stability

Wireless router can be described as the most common "smart hardware" per household, and many users who do not understand the hardware in the use of the router also produced some errors. Wireless Routers Such as the number of antenna multi-signal coverage on the wide; antenna thick routing signal is good; no antenna than the antenna is not good.

The number of antennas in the wireless router is not related to the signal strength. Because this is a technology, that we often see the "MIMO" - more into more, Wireless Routers this technology determines the wireless router transmission speed. That is, through a number of antennas at the same time to achieve data reception and transmission, thereby improving the communication quality. This technology can also make full use of space resources, through multiple antennas to achieve multiple and more revenue, Wireless Routers without increasing the spectral resources and antenna transmission power of the case, can be doubled to improve the system's channel capacity.

The greater the gain of the wireless signal, Wireless Routers the higher the gain, the smaller the vertical angle, the farther the signal is transmitted.

The signal strength, distance, Wireless Routers and penetration of the router signal are certainly not the length or thickness of the antenna. In general, the exclusion of other interference factors, the parameters of the router antenna signal strength is the antenna gain.

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