Wireless Routers Skill

- Jul 27, 2017-

The most common way to attack wireless routers is to steal wireless passwords. Wireless Routers The wireless encryption methods of common wireless routers are WEP and WPA / WP2. Different ways of attack are adopted by encryption method of wireless route configuration, Wireless Routers and some special techniques are used. You can easily get the wireless router's wireless password.

If your home router's wireless encryption method is configured for WEP encryption, Wireless Routers then you have to modify it immediately because the WEP encryption system can be collected by collecting enough handshake packets (ie, the computer and the wireless router are connected to the authentication process In the data packet), the use of analytic algorithm to restore the password. Wireless Routers The success rate of this type of encryption is nearly 100%. The more common attack is the use of MIDIWEP on the surrounding wireless signal sniffing,Wireless Routers  when crawling enough of the IVS can automatically solve the wireless password

Another way to encrypt a wireless router is WPA / WPA2 encryption. Compared with WEP encryption, it is not possible to find a way to directly solve the WPA / WPA2 password from some public methods. You can only grab the handshake and then shake the hand Package for violence to crack, but combined with some skills and ordinary user password strategy is relatively weak, the probability of success is relatively high. The same time as

Omnipotent a treasure is to provide a hand-running hand bag service, the use of cluster server running hand bag, can greatly shorten the crack time. The same time as

WPS is a Wi-Fi Alliance implementation of the certification program, Wireless Routers mainly to simplify the installation of wireless LAN and security performance configuration. On WLSWPS (QSS or AOSS) wireless router, users do not need to enter a wireless password, just enter the PIN code or press the button (PBC), you can safely connect to the WLAN. But the use of PIN code to connect the wireless router this process can be violent crack, first of all we talk about the composition of the PIN code, WPS PIN code is an 8-bit pure number, the first eight is a checksum (checksum ), Wireless Routers Based on the first 7 digits, and in the PIN verification, Wireless Routers the first four digits of the PIN code and the next three digits of the PIN code are separately validated. Therefore, in the process of violating the PIN code, only 11,000 (10 ^ 4 + 10 ^ 3) can solve the PIN code, and then through the PIN to connect the router to capture the wireless password. The same time as

See the transfer rate. At present, Wireless Routers the speed of the wireless router is mainly 150M, 300M, 450M, 600M, 750M and gigabit. The higher the value, the higher the transfer rate, the more expensive the price. Among them, 300M of the product price in the hundred or so, 450M in the 200-400 yuan, the general family with 300M is enough. This is because, first of all, the highest rate of broadband home is only up to 100M, the router rate and then high, the Internet rate will not exceed the rate of broadband; Second, Wireless Routers the phone or tablet by its own hardware, Wireless Routers wireless transmission rate 54M, the maximum is not more than 150M, the router has a high rate of no significance.

See the brand. Be sure to choose a big brand of products, because the real decision of the wireless router performance is its chip. Large brands of products selected chip quality is higher, the performance is relatively stable; some brand-name products to use low-end chip to reduce costs, Wireless Routers although some parameters are high, Wireless Routers but the performance is not stable.

Look at the antenna. If it is large and small room type, the choice of multi-antenna products, Wireless Routers by adjusting the antenna angle and defense can be appropriate to increase the direction of a signal strength.

In order to cover the wireless signal to every corner of the home, Wireless Routers in addition to choose the right product, the wireless router placement is also very important. There is a big principle is that close to the main use of the region, try to place the center.

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