Wireless Routers The Scope Is Also Common

- Aug 14, 2017 -

First of all, it is certain that the wireless router is radiated. For computer products, Wireless Routers most products have radiation, almost all electronic products can be said to have radiation, Wireless Routers but the radiation intensity is higher than low, too low radiation can be ignored.

Mobile phone wifi wireless Internet access, tablet PCs, Wireless Routers notebooks and other wireless Internet access are related to the wireless network. Wireless network coverage is also generally effective within a few tens of meters, that is to say at home to install a wireless router, Wireless Routers the whole family are within the scope of wireless network coverage.

After the authority of the identification: "wireless router radiation is very small, Wireless Routers much smaller than the phone's radiation," that is, Wireless Routers radiation intensity in a human body can accept the range, it can be said that the wireless router radiation is not large, Relatively safe.

Through the authority of the security testing department to detect data show that: the detection of wireless router generated by electromagnetic radiation stabilized at 4mG (milliampus), the occasional high value may be interference, Wireless Routers leave the router after 50cm radiation in the 2mG range.

Compared to electromagnetic cookers, microwave ovens, mobile phones and other electromagnetic radiation, wireless router electromagnetic radiation is still relatively small. Microwave work radiation to reach 130 - 360mG, 1.5 meters away to 2mG. Phone standby electromagnetic radiation is only 2mG,Wireless Routers but to others call, the phone set aside the moment, the radiation reaches 50-100mG, three or four seconds before returning to normal.

(1) wireless router power and mobile phone power comparison

China does not specify that the equivalent omnidirectional radiated power (EIRP) of a 2.4GHz wireless LAN product with an antenna gain of less than 10dBi must be less than or equal to 100mW. Wireless Routers The power of the phone is generally 1W.

(2) the size of the electric field strength can be used to measure the radio waves on the human body hazards. According to the EU "time-varying electric field and magnetic field exposure for the general public reference level" standard, 2.4GHz frequency electric field strength of more than 61V / m that the greater risk of human health. Wireless Routers Risk refers to the possibility that a person will be subjected to a particular hazard.

Tested wireless router full load operation at a distance of 1 meter at the electric field strength value of less than 1.5V / m. As the phone to carry, test are close to the phone, Wireless Routers stable call when the electric field strength value of 20 or so, just connected to the moment can reach more than 50.

(3) compared to mobile phones, wireless router radiation can be ignored.

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